The Ultimate Heath Benefits From Parsley

Parsley is plant that natively grows in Mediterranean region. This plant can be found in North Africa and Europe. People use it as spice in cooking and herbal in traditional medicine. Parsley spreads to America then Asia. The leaves and root of parsley are widely used. For herbal, this plant contains specific compound that’s useful to treat diseases. Latin name of parsley is Petroselinum crispum.


To dissolve carcinogenic agent inside the body, you need to consume volatile oil component. Parsley is your choice for this matter. Based on recent study, volatile oil can prevent tumor to spread into another area. This ability is still in development process, but seems promising in the future. In fact, carcinogens are the main factor of cancer. Consuming too much junk food will increase carcinogen level on your body. Another source is smoking habit. Parsley neutralize malicious agent that increases the risk factor of cancer.

The most important benefit of parsley is healthy heart. This plant has folic acid that plays the major role to keep heart at good condition. Parsley controls blood vessel and its pressure to prevent heart-related disease. Moreover, diabetic patients are recommended to take parsley regularly to prevent heart attack. Foods with rich folic acid are the good for remedy and preventive measure of heart disease.


Parsley contains vitamin K, A, and C. Vitamin C is important to control metabolism and it acts as antioxidant inside body. Antioxidant prevents free radical agent to penetrate body, mostly from skin. For that purpose, vitamin C increases human immune system. Antioxidant works together with other parsley ability. This herb contains anti-inflammatory component. As we know, Inflammation is the basic sign and symptom in disease. For example, if you feel stiffness and pain in muscle then inflammation can be the primary source. Using parsley as remedy is the best choice for treatment.

Vitamin K and A are essential for body. Vitamin K controls the metabolism and immune system. Parsley can replace fruits and vegetables. If you do not like lemon or grapes, parsley has similar compounds to both of them.


Simple application of parsley is in cooking. You can add it into meat and fish cuisine to balance the nutrient and keep blood pressure in check. Use olive oil when frying parsley. Consume fresh and raw parsley might good choice if you have urgent condition. Health problems in skin, bone, muscle, and joint are able to take parsley components directly. Eating this ingredient will make digestive system at stable. Another way to prepare parsley is juice. Cut its leaves into small pieces then grind until look smooth. Put on blender and add water. Parsley juice is ready to be served. You can add honey to reduce the strong taste of parsley.